A collective collaborating to create cohousing in Melbourne

What is Urban Coup?

Urban Coup is a group of Melbournians who share a vision for creating not just housing, but a community.

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About the Resilient Communities project

Over the next three years, we will work closely with Urban Coup’s members to support their processes and decision making to guide the design and development of their dream home, Near and Tall.

Through collective decision-making, Urban Coup will create a shared home that enriches its residents' lives, fosters a resilient, positive and diverse community, and contributes to a healthier world.

What is Near and Tall?

Near and Tall is an inner co-housing project in Brunswick that forms a part of the Nightingale Village, and will become home for 31 households, 20 pets and several chickens. The project was initiated by Urban Coup and is being developed in collaboration with Nightingale developers, Breathe Architecture and Architecture Architecture.

The project will feature generous common space shared by building residents, including:

  • ground floor dining/living room and kitchen
  • rooftop garden
  • internal courtyard
  • laundry
  • guest bedrooms
  • bathroom
  • flexible spaces for meetings, gatherings, yoga, music, craft or play.

Near and Tall represents a significant departure from current urban residential development practice. It offers an inspiring case study about the potential of participatory decision making and community-driven collaborative urban design to help create healthy, sustainable, resilient and liveable cities.

Urban Coup is also challenging traditional legal and financial models in ways that reduce the cost of finance and make housing more affordable.

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The partners

Urban Coup formed in May 2008 when a group of likeminded people gathered to discuss their dreams of living in a welcoming, supportive and inclusive community.  Members share much in common, including working together to encourage the development of co-housing communities across Australia.

Urban Coup currently has one co-housing development underway, and one proposed. Find out more about Urban Coup.

Acute shocks and chronic stresses


Cohesive communities pull together and support one another in times of shock


Lack of Affordable Housing

Lack of Social Cohesion

Urban Growth Pressures

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Urban Coup and Nightingale promises a deep green community

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