Can co-housing models help build community cohesion and resilience?

About Urban Coup 'Near and Tall'

Urban Coup’s ‘Near and Tall’ is a planned medium density residential apartment block to be located in Brunswick, approximately seven kilometres north of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD). The development is in the advanced stages of planning, with a partner architect and development manager engaged, and will comprise 29 apartments over 6 storeys including a mix of 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed apartments.

The development will include common spaces, both indoor and outdoor where residents can meet, socialise and share meals and other activities and events. Common spaces include a kitchen and meals area, common laundry, and multi-purpose spaces for music, workshops, art and crafts and for guests.

Sustainable building design is a key feature of the planned development with maximised use of energy efficiency through passive solar design, double-glazing, onsite water collection and reuse and the use of thermal efficient features including sustainable and recycled materials. The site also has minimum car parking spaces with share cars and bike parking facilities to encourage sustainable, active travel.

Urban Coup ‘Near and Tall’ has been planned and designed by future residents in a collaborative project management process. It is envisaged that Urban Coup ‘Near and Tall’ will commence construction in 2020 with residents moving into the site in 2021.

Partnership with Resilient Melbourne

Over the next three years, Resilient Melbourne will work closely with residents of Urban Coup to provide support to build a strong sense of community at the Brunswick site. In partnership with academics from Melbourne University we will also test and evaluate co-housing as a vehicle for building social cohesion and showcase success stories within our networks.

The project at Urban Coup is expected to uncover new learnings and insights about how to create and sustain connected communities in inner city apartments. In particular, it will explore the potential of co-housing as a model for transforming housing models and creating strong, resilient communities.


Key partners

Urban Coup

Melbourne University

Further information

Natalie McGlone - Resilient Communities Portfolio Manager, Resilient Melbourne

Resilient Melbourne is working with stakeholders at Urban Coup in Brunswick to do two things: first to provide support to create a strong, self-sustaining community at this site; and second, to examine co-housing as a model for building social cohesion and resilience.

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