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What is Beveridge North West?

Beveridge North West is a greenfield development in Melbourne’s northern growth corridor. The site is surrounded by natural beauty, and is in relative proximity to Melbourne’s CBD and other employment clusters.

Beveridge North West partners are committed to creating a thriving, liveable, strong and engaged community that is self-sufficient and has pride of place. To achieve this goal, the development requires early delivery of services supported by infrastructure that supports health, livelihoods and employment from the time residents move in.

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About the Resilient Communities project

Over the next three years, we are working in partnership with council, Victorian Government, private and not-for-profit service providers to shift the culture and practice of precinct planning and delivery in Beveridge North West. We will help build a community that is resilient: viable, sustainable, livable, and prosperous.

By 2020, we will create:

  • A shared resilience plan for Beveridge North West
  • An interim community centre ahead of full infrastructure being constructed or residents moving in
  • A comprehensive, short, medium and long term infrastructure plan
  • A collaborative governance model for community leadership and management of assets, including a community reference group prior to occupation.



The partners

Acute shocks and chronic stresses

This partnership aims to address the following shocks and stresses:


Cohesive communities pull together and support one another in times of shock.


Lack of affordable housing

Social inequality

Disconnected community

Lack of essential services and infrastructure

Urban growth pressures



Resilient Melbourne

Alison Whitten, Resilient Communities Portfolio Manager

Mitchell Shire Council

Jo Wilson


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