A new kind of community leadership

What is Mambourin?

Mambourin is a new residential and mixed-use development in Melbourne’s west, one of Australia’s most rapidly expanding growth areas.

The development is delivered by Frasers Property Australia, who will collaborate with CoDesign Studio, the Foundation for Young Australians and Neighbourlytics to engage future residents to create a healthy, safe and connected place for people to thrive.

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About the Resilient Communities project

Over the next three years, we are working in partnership with the extended Frasers Property team to test the proposed approach for accelerating community development in greenfield sites. We will work with emerging and future communities at Mambourin to ensure that community engagement methods evolve according to the local context and changing needs of the communities there.

We’re aiming to foster:

  • multicultural and intergenerational community leadership at Mambourin
  • self-reliance and mutual support among residents.

We will share our own lessons locally, nationally and internationally.

The partners

Frasers Property Australia

Foundation for Young Australians

CoDesign Studio


Acute shocks and chronic stresses

This partnership aims to address the following acute shocks and chronic stresses:


Cohesive communities pull together and support one another in times of shock


Social inequality

Disconnected communities

Lack of essential services and infrastructure

Urban growth pressures



Resilient Melbourne

Alison Whitten, Resilient Communities Portfolio Manager

Frasers Property Australia

Karen Woo, Community Development Manager

Rory Martin, Sustainability Manager

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