Resilient Melbourne is a collaborative project led by local government with input, guidance and support from organisations and community groups across Melbourne. Collaborating across sectors and industries is one of the great opportunities the Resilient Melbourne project offers – it is also fundamental to building Melbourne’s urban resilience. By aligning intent and resources we can extend the breadth, depth, efficiency and effectiveness of the work we all do.

Metropolitan Melbourne Councils are taking the lead on the implementation of this strategy to benefit our communities now and in the years to come. 100RC Platform Partners such as The Nature Conservancy, Trimble and Citymart will be providing probono services to assist the implementation of the strategy.

The Resilient Melbourne project is delivered by the City of Melbourne in collaboration with the 32 metropolitan Melbourne councils, and associated partners. The project is led by the Chief Resilience Officer who is funded by the 100 Resilient Cities initiative – pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. The City of Melbourne  provides the project team and additional investment.

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