• A resilient Melbourne: marking our progress in 2017

    A resilient Melbourne: marking our progress in 2017

    We hosted our first ever Open House on 11 December as part of the Mayors and CEOs meeting to showcase our partner organisations and their contributions to building a resilient Melbourne.Read more.
  • What would you do in a heatwave?

    What would you do in a heatwave?

    The spring heatwave that’s hit many parts of Australia’s east coast this year is a timely reminder that periods of extreme heat are becoming more frequent, hotter and longer. Higher than average maximum temperatures experienced in Victoria in September are a reminder for all of us that building resilience into our infrastructure, energy supply, and particularly our vulnerable communities, is …Read more.
  • Building resilient communities together

    Building resilient communities together

    We’ve been following the intensity and impacts of powerful hurricanes and earthquakes that have devastated small islands and major cities in the past few weeks. Our heartfelt thoughts are with the people affected by these tragic circumstances. We’re no strangers to disasters in Victoria; they have an enormous impact on so many in our community, and are a reminder of …Read more.
  • Resilient Melbourne Annual Report – A look back at our first year

    Resilient Melbourne Annual Report – A look back at our first year

    We are pleased to share the Resilient Melbourne Delivery Office’s first Annual Report. It tracks our early progress against the objectives in our strategy, and shows where we are heading in the coming year. In an exciting first year, we have focused on transitioning from strategy development to implementation. We’ve established our foundations in governance, systems and resources, which are …Read more.
  • Sharing resilience innovations and solutions

    Sharing resilience innovations and solutions

    The movement to build resilience across our cities and communities continues to grow, locally and internationally. Read on to learn more about the recent 100 Resilient Cities Global Summit, hosted by the City of New York last month. We’re pleased to report progress on our actions, namely a new pilot project for Melbourne’s small businesses as well as the winners …Read more.
  • Smart city: using technology to tackle traffic and social isolation in Melbourne

    Smart city: using technology to tackle traffic and social isolation in Melbourne

    The Guardian Sustainable Business | Smart Cities: Traffic congestion and social isolation are two concepts that don’t immediately appear to be connected. But in 2012, the Grattan Institute’s Social Cities report drew a direct line between inefficient urban transport and less time spent with friends and family. One estimate suggested every 10 minutes of commuting equates to 10% fewer social …Read more.
  • Encouraging open innovation: enabling cities in the pursuit of new ideas

    Encouraging open innovation: enabling cities in the pursuit of new ideas

    It’s time for cities to think about procuring ideas rather than solutions. Melbourne invites your ideas to make commuting easier and more sociable. As cities face increasingly complex challenges and an uncertain future it’s timely for them to think differently about how they seek out new ideas and solutions.  Whether you call it crowd-sourcing, hackathons, design competitions – open innovation …Read more.
  • Making headway with resilience

    Making headway with resilience

    We continue to make progress in our resilience efforts across greater Melbourne. Notably, the Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge has gained attention from organisations across the globe, with numerous submissions already placed. Submissions close Friday 23 June. At the end of last month, we were involved in Australia’s first summit on community placemaking, hosted by Resilient Melbourne’s partners CoDesign Studio. Putting …Read more.
  • Resilient Melbourne

    Resilient Melbourne

    John Merritt, Chief Executive at VicRoads: Congestion is a challenge to Melbourne’s world class liveability. In a time of rapid population growth, one of the biggest challenges our city faces is the issue of movement and travel. Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing city with an estimated population growth of 1 million in the next ten years. Most of this growth is happening …Read more.
  • Co-designing future cities

    Co-designing future cities

    Jan Owen Chief Executive Officer at The Foundation for Young Australians: Cities are getting bigger, younger and increasingly complex. For the first time in human history over half the world’s population lives in cities. This figure is expected to rise with the United Nations projecting that by 2050 more than 70% of the people on the planet will live in …Read more.

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