• April newsletter

    April newsletter

    Our thoughts and well wishes are with our local and global communities as we all respond to COVID-19. Three months ago, we witnessed bushfires at an incredible scale across Australia and now we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic impacting every corner of the globe…Read more.
  • Launching Takeover Melbourne

    Launching Takeover Melbourne

    We are proud to announce the launch of Takeover Melbourne, an exciting new partnership between Resilient Melbourne (representing metropolitan Melbourne councils) and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)Read more.
  • February newsletter

    February newsletter

    For those who keep an eye on sustainable development matters, you’ll know the year 2020 is often referred to as the year of making or breaking targets, whether on carbon emissions or biodiversity conservation.Read more.
  • December newsletter

    December newsletter

    More and more we hear from people that ‘it’s been a big year’. This sentiment extends to Resilient Melbourne as well. The turn of the decade is a good time to reflect on what we have achieved and learnt this year. Despite challenges, both expected and unexpected, our team has accomplished a great deal during 2019. Here are just a …Read more.
  • Annual Report Newsletter

    Annual Report Newsletter

    On behalf of the Resilient Melbourne team, I am pleased to share the Resilient Melbourne Delivery Office Annual Report 2018-2019. We would like to thank our many contributors, partners and supporters. Without you, the significant achievements described would not have been possible.Read more.
  • September newsletter

    September newsletter

    We are pleased to welcome Toby, City of Melbourne’s Chief Resilience Officer, back to work! Sometimes life takes us by surprise and Toby’s departure for four months to respond to and recover from a medical issue was a test of our own team’s resilience. As deputy CRO three lessons struck me in particular…Read more.
  • July Newsletter

    July Newsletter

    It is possible to build resilience in the face of our urban challenges. We can strengthen the networks between us, collaborate and learn from each other. Resilient Melbourne deepens these connections across sectors, both locally and internationally.Read more.
  • Living Melbourne newsletter

    Living Melbourne newsletter

    Living Melbourne goes live! Have you heard about our bold new strategy for a greener and more liveable Melbourne? Today we launch Living Melbourne: our metropolitan urban forest, a flagship action for Resilient Melbourne in partnership with The Nature Conservancy.Read more.
  • May newsletter

    May newsletter

    The health of the ecosystems that we depend on is deteriorating more rapidly than ever before, according to the UN’s recent global assessment of our declining biodiversity and ecosystem. This newsletter shares the latest report and local activities.Read more.
  • February newsletter

    February newsletter

    The challenges and opportunities of building urban resilience. Welcome to our first e-news for the year. 2019 is already bringing some challenges, but here at Resilient Melbourne we look forward to another year of learning, sharing and working with you.Read more.

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