• February newsletter

    February newsletter

    The challenges and opportunities of building urban resilience. Welcome to our first e-news for the year. 2019 is already bringing some challenges, but here at Resilient Melbourne we look forward to another year of learning, sharing and working with you.Read more.
  • December newsletter

    December newsletter

    Working with  new and existing partners over the past year, we’ve accelerated our efforts and championed a coordinated approach across our  networks. Here is  some of what we’ve achieved in Melbourne this year!Read more.
  • November newsletter

    November newsletter

    The November newsletter highlights two exciting upcoming events, plus updates and resources for and from our growing resilience community, such as ‘Living Melbourne’ (our Metropolitan Urban Forest Strategy), training, and our fabulous intern community!Read more.
  • October newsletter

    October newsletter

    Resilient Melbourne’s October newsletter is out now – highlighting our collaboration between sectors & organisations to add value to each other’s resilience building efforts. There’s always so much to share!Read more.
  • September Newsletter

    September Newsletter

    From upcoming events to new residential developments, renewable energy projects and resilience training – read about how we continue to progress Australia’s first urban resilience strategy. The September newsletter is out now!Read more.
  • Designing neighbourhoods with residents

    Designing neighbourhoods with residents

    With cities across Australia experiencing rapid urban growth, meaningful collaboration between developers and residents is critical to building resilient neighbourhoods that truly meet residents’ needs. Connected communities and neighbourhoods are the building blocks of resilient cities. People who feel connected are more likely to pull together in good times, and in bad. That’s why we’re pleased to announce our partnerships …Read more.
  • 100 Resilient Cities marks five years

    100 Resilient Cities marks five years

    What are cities doing now to address the challenges of the future? Earlier this month 100 Resilient Cities celebrated its five-year anniversary. In this time more than 80 cities around the globe have appointed chief resilience officers, and 40 of these cities have released strategies to build a more connected, adaptable and resilient world. Share reflections from our global network.Read more.
  • Can you futureproof your business?

    Can you futureproof your business?

    After an acute shock, one third of affected businesses (SMEs) close and never reopen. Join us at Melbourne Knowledge Week to hear about our innovative business models action, which helps SMEs understand, and prepare for, their biggest challenges.Read more.
  • Water and our city’s resilience

    Water and our city’s resilience

    Ever considered what resilience means for our city’s urban water cycle? Thursday 22 March is World Water Day, and as city dwellers, we’ve been reflecting on our dependency on urban water — namely its safe supply, sewerage and drainage. But with a growing population, increasing pressures from climate change and changing rainfall patterns, we need to build resilience into Melbourne’s …Read more.
  • What makes a community thrive?

    What makes a community thrive?

    We’ve been exploring how developments across our city shape our community connections and the way we engage with our neighbours, in good times and in bad. In late January we had the opportunity to visit some of our city’s leading innovative housing initiatives, namely Nightingale, WestWyck Ecovillage, Property Collectives and Murundaka. We heard some great insights on participatory development models …Read more.

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