We are supporting innovative approaches that make fit-for-purpose insurance affordable to more Melburnians. This means more of our residents will be able to bounce back when unexpected shocks threaten their livelihoods and prosperity.

Essentials by AAI

We partner with Good Shepherd Microfinance and Suncorp to make fit-for-purpose insurance affordable and accessible to more Melburnians.

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Resilience challenge

Each year, Melburnians suffer significant losses as a result of natural disasters and other unforeseen events. Personal insurance cover protects the assets of individuals and allows them to return to their former standard of living after a crisis.  

Many Melburnians do not have general insurance cover for their home, contents or car. With increasing risk of accident or theft and incidents of natural disaster in our city, it's vital that the assets of vulnerable members in our community are properly insured.   

Our resilience challenge is to support innovative insurance initiatives that increase financial inclusion and move people away from crisis and hardship, to financial resilience and stability.

Useful links and resources

There are lots of online resources that can help you learn more about how insurance products work, why you might need insurance, how to understand your risks, what to consider when choosing insurance, how to manage the cost of a premium and how to lodge a claim. 

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For further information about innovative insurance, please contact Rebecca Rennie.

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