Supporting strong and connected communities

We are proud to partner with Gather My Crew, a free online tool designed to create supportive communities around people in crisis.

About Gather My Crew

When facing a difficult time, managing everyday life is extremely stressful. Offers of support from family and friends come flooding in, but accepting offers and coordinating them into practical help can be overwhelming.

Gather My Crew uses technology to empower people in need to mobilise friends, family and colleagues to provide the practical support they actually need. 

    Visit the Gather My Crew website


    Resilience Challenge

    We are supporting more initiatives such as Gather My Crew, which empower communities to take responsibility for their own, and each other’s wellbeing, safety and health.

    If we create strong and connected communities now, Melburnians will be better prepared to tackle chronic stresses and to cope in times of acute shock.

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    If you require further information or have any questions about this partnership, please contact Rebecca Rennie

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