Meet the winning submissions of the Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge!


“Freewheeler will ease congestion and increase social connection across Melbourne by rewarding and supporting commuters for walking, cycling and taking public transport…”Alex Fletcher, Freewheeler

We are pleased to announce Fremantle-based startup Freewheeler as a joint winner of the Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge.

Freewheeler is a new mobility system that uses mobile technology to automatically track commutes, recognise transport modes, map trips and reward sustainable and healthy travel choices.

The app was created by Alex Fletcher and aims to encourage healthy and active multimodal people and cities, awarding points to app users depending on how good their travel choices are for their health, decreasing road congestion and for the environment.

Find out more about Freewheeler.

“Freewheeler is delighted and excited to be a joint winner of the Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge.”Alex Fletcher

Image: Matt Jelonek, Community News Group, Fremantle Gazette


“JoinWheels, provides a social ride-sharing mobile app, which is free to use and empowers the daily corporate commuter to connect and travel with like minded co-travellers.”Mayank Shukla, Joinwheels

We are pleased to announce Victorian-based startup Joinwheels as a joint winner of the Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge.

Joinwheels is a peer-to-peer e-hailing app that encourages like-minded passengers—colleagues, fellow workers or friends— with similar routes or destinations to find and connect with co-travellers.

The app aims to reduce congestion on the roads during Melbourne peak hour by encouraging e-hailing among fellow commuters. Commuters may work at the same corporation or organisation.

Find out more about Joinwheels.

“Winning the Melbourne Citymart challenge is a great honour and a huge boost to our confidence…as a team we are exhilarated.”Mayank Shukla

Transport congestion and social disconnection are two unwanted consequences of rapid urban development in Melbourne, Australia’s fastest growing city. Resilient Melbourne and its partners are looking for innovative solutions that address these dual concerns as we look to effectively manage the growth of our metropolitan city.

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