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People are at the heart of all cities. A resilient Melbourne will draw on the strengths of our diverse communities and geographies, to pursue our shared interests, embrace our differences and be stronger together. We will help communities prepare for change and whatever the future may hold. We will work today, tomorrow and together, towards a viable, sustainable, liveable and prosperous Melbourne

Australia's first resilience strategy

Melbourne’s first resilience strategy was endorsed by the City of Melbourne’s Future Melbourne Committee on 17 May 2016. It is the first resilience strategy produced by any Australian city, and is the result of the work of more than 1,000 individuals from 230 organisations, Melbourne’s 32 local councils, and many Victorian Government departments.

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Resilience in action

Find out more about our latest resilience partnerships.


Diversity in Disaster Conference 2018

Every year people and communities across Australia experience emergencies and natural disasters, but not all members of communities are equally affected. Register now for the Diversity in Disaster conference.

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The Thriving Communities Partnership

We've joined forces with the Thriving Communities Partnership to improve Melbourne’s resilience by supporting individuals and families experiencing vulnerability and hardship.

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Strategy Actions

The actions in this strategy are all directly supported by Resilient Melbourne. While implementation of some actions will be led by the Resilient Melbourne Delivery Office, others will be led by partners across community, academic and business sectors, as well as local and state government agencies.

By working together on these actions, partners will improve Melbourne’s collective resilience and will learn by doing; delivering tangible benefits for Melbourne’s communities while simultaneously generating new knowledge on how best to build resilience.

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Ever considered what resilience means for our city's urban water cycle? Thursday 22 March is World Water Day, and as city dwellers, we’ve been reflecting on our dependency on urban water — namely its safe supply, sewerage and drainage. But with a growing population, increasing pressures from climate change and changing rainfall patterns, we need to build resilience into Melbourne's urban water cycle.

We're pleased to launch a new integrated water management information hub to support local government stakeholders to keep track of reform in the urban water sector.

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100 Resilient Cities

Resilient Melbourne is part of the global challenge 100 Resilient Cities.
100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation – is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping cities around the world build resilience to the economic, social and physical challenges that are increasingly part of the 21st century.

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